The lawyers and staff of Grant Huberman are committed to advocating on behalf of aboriginal peoples whether it be residential school survivors or their families, first nations whose aboriginal title and rights have been denied or those whose treaty rights have failed to be implemented.

Grant Huberman’ focus is strong advocacy on behalf of aboriginal people to ensure protection of their rights. We have been a central part of the fight for the recognition of aboriginal title in those parts of the country where treaties have not been signed including, British Columbia.

At the same time, Grant Huberman have been fighting for rights through the specific claims processes and through law suits to protect and compensate for the loss of and destruction of reserve lands.

Grant Huberman have also been instrumental in advocating for survivors and victims of Indian residential schools. Our law firm takes pride in taking a leading position in initiating the earliest Indian residential school claims by survivors.  We also have advocated on behalf of other residential school survivors and have taken a leading case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

A key element of Grant Huberman philosophy is to work as a team.  In all major cases we develop a team to work on the case whether it is in litigation or negotiation. This has been a very successful approach to advancing the issues of aboriginal rights and aboriginal title for their clients.