Peter Grant’s legal team has been involved in treaty negotiations since 1996 and has represented the Gitanyow and the Xwémalhkwu (Homalco) First Nations in treaty negotiations.

Representation for the Gitanyow included assistance in the development of a Gitanyow Agreement-In-Principle covering governance, management of lands and resources, eligibility based on traditional kinship systems, and joint revenue sharing.  The Gitanyow have continued to advance their interests through the negotiation of a unique forestry agreement that was finalized in July 2006.

The traditional territory of the Xwémalhkwu First Nation surrounds one of the most magnificent inlets on the west coast.  The Xwémalhkwu are asserting their rights in several areas, including the marine resources within Bute Inlet and portions of Johnstone Strait. Grant Huberman is involved in treaty negotiations focusing on marine resources, culture and heritage, and the protection of the heritage sites. The firm’s representation also involves Xwémalhkwu working with the Province in a joint marine management plan (Johnstone-Bute Coastal Plan).  Xwémalhkwu treaty negotiations are ongoing and moving towards an Agreement-In-Principle.

As part of the Xwémalhkwu treaty negotiations, Grant Huberman have assisted the Xwémalhkwu in negotiating boundary agreements with their aboriginal neighbours to the east, the Sliammon Nation and with the Tsilhqot’in Nation on their northeast boundary. These Intergovernmental Negotiations between Aboriginal Governments are among the first such Agreements successfully negotiated and form an important element of treaty negotiations and recognition of aboriginal self-government.


Gitanyow Forestry Agreement [PDF]

  • Should S. 91(24) Lands Remain in in Place in post-Treaty British Columbia? (Peter Grant, co-authored with Lee Caffrey, presented to the Pacific Business and Law Institute Conference, Ottawa, 2004)
    download Paper [PDF]
  • Good Faith Negotiations:  Luuxhon and the Future of the British Columbia Treaty Process, [unpublished] May 1999

Luuxhon v. The Queen,
[1999] 3 C.N.L.R. 89
Link to Case here